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Train-the-Trainer Courses

Online and offline: Since 2010, we help trainers worldwide build their training careers.

Our two train-the-trainer programs are ideal for both beginners who want to get started and for experienced trainers who want to refresh and update their teaching skills. Successful participants will earn a widely accredited and independent trainer certificate.

Intercultural Trainers

Specialized train-the-trainer course for all who want to offer intercultural training. 
  • 4 modules
  • 120 training units
  • Certificate by DVWO (Germany)
  • available in German or English
  • classroom-modules in Berlin and/or Dubai

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Diversity Trainers

Specialized train-the-trainer course for all who want to offer diversity training. 
  • 4 modules
  • 120 training units
  • Certificate by DVWO (Germany)
  • available in German or English
  • classroom-modules in Berlin and/or Dubai

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BAMIK Trainer Academy

Comprehensive, professional Train-the-Trainer Course for all who want to work in adult education.
  • 9 modules
  • 220 training units
  • Certificate by DVWO (Germany)
  • available in English
  • classroom-modules in Berlin

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Training quality

Practice-oriented, academically sound and independently certified

We offer three training courses that are hands-on and geared to the needs of your future participants while ensuring theoretical depth. Our train-the-trainer courses have been certified several times by an accredited, independent organization of the education industry.

Our commitment to quality

Independent certification by the DVWO

BAMIK's train-the-trainer courses - like our company itself - are certified by the Dachverband der Weiterbildungsorganisationen e.V. (DVWO). The DVWO is notable in particular for its independence and wide-ranging recognition as an industry association in the education sector. The DVWO quality model not only ensures the quality of the training itself. We also make it the subject of our courses so that you can apply it in your own training and get certified by the DVWO.

Small groups

We deliberately keep the size of our training groups small. With a maximum of six people per module, we give our participants the greatest possible space to try things out and to cultivate intensive peer exchange.

Individual support

Before, during and after the modules, we offer individual support to help you develop your own training modules or prepare for exams.

Continuous development

The first module of the intercultural train-the-trainer course took place in Berlin in July 2010. Since then, the program has been subject to a permanent process of evaluation and further development. In this way, we constantly respond to changes in the social environment in which continued education takes place. In 2016, for example, this included a specialized version of the train-the-trainer course, which specifically addressed the requirements of refugee work. In the meantime, the Diversity Train-the-Trainer Course and the BAMIK Trainer Academy have become part of the permanent program.

In-Company Solutions

Empower your trainers with our custom-tailored train-the-trainer programs!

BAMIK's train-the-trainer programs are also available as in-company solutions. This allows the course and its delivery to be tailored to your needs.

Usually, our train-the-trainer courses are offered as open programs for individual participants. However, if you have a training need for your company’s trainers that goes beyond these public courses, we will support you. You may get the full courses as well as just single modules, or even completely custom-tailored sessions. We tailor the program to your specific needs, whether in length, content, or language.

Due to the modular structure of our various programs, you can easily create your own train-the-trainer course and adapt the focus individually to the needs of your learning & development team. We also accommodate you regarding the language or form of delivery (e.g., on-site, or online).

Available languages for train-the-trainer courses:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Certifications

    Upon successful completion of our regular train-the-trainer courses, participants receive a certificate. If you would like us to develop a customized course for you, we can also work with our external certification partners to provide you with a certificate that is specifically designed for your company. This way you can offer your trainers a very special added value. Ask us about it!

    Solutions for Schools and Universities

    Our modular teacher training

    In many respects, teachers face similar challenges as trainers in adult education. Therefore, many of the contents of our various train-the-trainer courses are also particularly valuable for teachers.

    The modules below are particularly suitable for teachers:

    For educational institutions

    We are happy to come to your school, university or other educational institution. As part of the in-service training for teachers, we tailor the elements of the train-the-trainer course to your specific needs. This applies to the time frame as well as to the selection of content, language of instruction, and delivery format (e.g., on-site or online). The above-mentioned services for companies also apply accordingly to educational institutions. Please contact us!

    For individual participants

    Teachers of all types of schools and universities are welcome to participate in the open course program of our train-the-trainer courses. They may take an entire course or just individual modules that they feel are relevant to their needs. The advantage of participating in the open course is that participants have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other teachers from different fields of activity and different cultures. This collegial and diverse atmosphere can facilitate new learning opportunities and the development of stronger communication and teaching skills among faculty, which will benefit them in their daily work lives.


    Frequently Asked Questions
    1. General questions about the courses
    2. Certification
    3. In-company solutions
    4. Schools, universities and teachers
    5. Course fees, additional expenses

    General questions about the courses

    What are the differences between the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course and BAMIK Trainer Academy?

    Can I attend just one module?

    Yes! We offer a modular course concept that allows you to pick just one or more modules based on your specific interests. Please be aware that trainer certification requires the completion of all modules.

    What if I have already done the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course and want to attend the BAMIK Trainer Academy?

    Participants who have already completed our Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course are of course more than welcome to join us again! It also isn’t necessary for you to complete all modules in the BAMIK Trainer Academy as there are some overlaps in content. Graduates of our Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course who wish to complete the BAMIK Trainer Academy only have five additional modules to complete. We are happy to welcome return participants and accommodate them in this way. Please check our special offer for alumni.


    When and where does the certification take place?

    Certification of trainers does not take place during the course/module phase but at a later date. Part of the certification requirements is the development of a written training concept. For this, participants usually should plan 4-6 weeks of work time after the completion of their last module. The training concept must be submitted no later than 4 weeks before the certification date. This means that at least 8-10 weeks should be calculated between the last module and certification.
    Throughout the year, we offer several certification dates in collaboration with DVWO. On each date, up to four candidates may be certified. The particular certification dates are coordinated together with the participants. On request, we can also arrange individual dates and places.


    Can we have a train-the-trainer course in our company?

    Absolutely! We will be happy to get you a customized version of our train-the-trainer courses that meets the needs and requirements of your trainers. Please contact us through our contact form for a detailed proposal.

    Schools, Universities and Teachers

    I do not plan to work as a (business) trainer, but I wish to improve my skills as a teacher or lecturer. Do you have a relevant program for me?

    Both in the Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course and the BAMIK Trainer Academy have several modules that are ideal for teachers and lecturers to join! They can be booked stand-alone at any time.

    Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course
    BAMIK Trainer Academy

    I am a school administrator and would like teachers at my school to take the teacher-specific modules. Do you offer inhouse group packages?

    Of course! We offer packages for schools, universities and other educational institutions in which we have amended the content for their needs and we are happy to provide inhouse training on content agreed upon with the institution. This package comprises the teacher-specific modules of the BAMIK Trainer Academy and is amended for teacher groups. We can tailor the content to your needs in terms of language, length, and location. BAMIK offers training in 12 languages and offers complete flexibility in the training contents, so there is an option to suit any situation.

    Course Fees

    Which additional costs are related to the course?

    The course fee includes the modules, comprehensive course material, access to our eCampus, certification, and food/beverages during the breaks. Travel and accommodation are not included. We will also suggest addtional literature for purchase, which is not included in the course fee. You will find a detailed list of what is included when you click on the button "Course Fees & Registration Options".


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