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Compliance & Responsibility

As a company, we are very aware of our social responsibility. This is all the more true as our educational and consulting services are designed to support other companies precisely in fulfilling their responsibility.

Professional Ethics

Our professional standards are high and this includes a clear commitment to professional ethical standards.

Dissociation from Scientology

By signing their contracts with BAMIK GmbH or Diversity Webinars, Inc., all employees and freelance trainers clearly reject the person and the methods of L. Ron Hubbard.

No pseudo-scientific methods:

We categorically reject scientifically unfounded methods and content, especially so-called "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" (NLP), and we do not use any trainers who practice these methods.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity is a key topic for us - both within the company and beyond

Promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace is one of the central tasks of our company. For us, diversity means ensuring that all voices and backgrounds are represented and heard among our permanent and freelance employees.

Diversity Charter

BAMIK GmbH has been a co-signatory of the German Diversity Charter since 2011. The charter was established by leading companies of the German economy in December 2006.

The full text of the German Diversity Charter

The diversity of modern society, influenced by globalization and continuous demographic change, has a strong effect on the economic activity of Germany. The only way to be economically successful is by recognizing and utilizing the diversity as a foundational element.

This applies to the diversity not only in our workforce but also to the variety of needs of our customers and business partners. Diversity among employees, with their varying abilities and talents, presents opportunities for innovative and creative solutions.

The aim of implementing the "Charter for Diversity" within our company is to create a working environment that is free of prejudice. All employees should be equally appreciated - regardless of gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion or philosophy of life, disability, age, sexual orientation or cultural affiliation. Recognizing and promoting this diverse potential creates economic advantages for our company.

We are creating a climate of acceptance and mutual understanding. This has positive consequences for the recognition a business receives from partners and customers, both here in Germany and in other countries throughout the world.

Within the framework of this Charter, we will
  1. cultivate a corporate culture characterized by mutual respect and recognition for each and every individual. We are creating conditions under which superiors and employees alike will recognise, share and live these values. This objective requires full commitment of the executives and team leaders in particular.
  2. review our human resources processes and ensure that these support the varying abilities and talents of all employees, and our standards of performance accordingly.
  3. appreciate the diversity of our society, both within and outside the company and recognise its potential for the company when it is successfully put into action.
  4. make the implementation of the Charter a topic for internal and external dialogue.
  5. provide annual public reporting in regard to our activities and progress in promoting diversity.
  6. inform our employees about diversity and involve them in the implementation of the Charter.
We are convinced that practicing diversity-acceptance and appreciating differences within society will have everlasting positive effects on the German community.


BAMIK is represented by:

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