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BAMIK Trainer Academy

Our most extensive train-the-trainer course

Develop your potential as a trainer with the BAMIK Trainer Academy. The international program offers you a unique training in English.

New course beginning in 2023

Our Intercultural Train-the-Trainer Course has been setting standards since 2010. As a specialized course, it is primarily aimed at trainers who would like to work in the areas of intercultural cooperation or diversity, equity and inclusion. With the new BAMIK Trainer Academy, we now offer an even more comprehensive program in English for trainers from all areas.

High-level methodological and didactic tools

The BAMIK Trainer Academy is a comprehensive train-the-trainer course in English with 220 hours of attendance, which provides you with the tools for your work as a trainer. Four of the nine modules are explicitly dedicated to the development of your methodological and didactic skills. We want your future training programs to be closely aligned with the needs of your customers and to enable you to develop sustainable concepts for implementation and transfer.

In the module Psychology and Neurology for Trainers, we introduce you to important models of communication psychology and provide you with basic knowledge of neurology, which will help you to better understand the process of learning. The module Conflict Resolution for Trainers is an integral part of our training to ensure that you do not lose control even in difficult situations.

International orientation

The special quality of the BAMIK Trainer Academy is its international orientation: The modules take place exclusively in English and are aimed at a global audience. Thus, this training offers prospective trainers an unparalleled opportunity to develop their unique selling proposition in the international training business. The peer exchange with participants and trainers from different cultures creates a special sensitivity for the needs of international customers.


Comprehensive course with 220 training units

The BAMIK Trainer Academy is a comprehensive train-the-trainer course with 220 teaching units. The training takes place entirely in English. At the end there is certification by a leading German industry association in the continuing education sector.

With 220 teaching units (45 minutes each), the BAMIK Trainer Academy is a comprehensive training program that focuses on teaching far-reaching methodological-didactic competencies.

The nine modules cover all important topics and fields of activity for trainers. In addition to modules on course design, methodology and didactics, there are introductions to the psychology and neurology of training as well as a workshop on dealing with conflicts in training. 

The development of your personal profile as a trainer is also of particular importance. This includes an understanding of the professional role as well as strategies for personal marketing.

Classroom and online modules

Of the altogether nine modules, four are held as face-to-face events, each lasting three days. Four others take place entirely online with weekly meetings on Zoom. Module 1 is hybrid and combines classroom and online elements.
  1. The Professional Trainer
  2. Need Analysis & Course Design
  3. Training Methodology
  4. Presentation Skills
  5. Transfer and Evaluation
  6. Psychology & Neurology
  7. Conflict Resolution
  8. Training & HR Development
  9. Sales & Marketing for Trainers
The modules are designed independently of each other so that they can be completed in any order. Thus, it is possible to start at any time. The classroom modules of the BAMIK Trainer Academy take place in Berlin. Each online module has a workload of 24 teaching units of 45 minutes each.

Additional E-Learning

Additional content and assignments are available on our oline learning platform "Diversity Webinars", which we incorporate into the course. You can work on them at any time. This offers you maximum flexibility in terms of learning speed and timing. These include, among other things. 

Requirements for participation


Prove your qualification as a trainer with a recognized certificate!

The training market is confusing. That's why private and public clients are increasingly demanding that their trainers can document their qualifications with recognized certificates. Certification is therefore a particularly important step in a trainer's career.

After participation in the BAMIK Trainer Academy, certification takes place with the German Dachverband der Weiterbildungsorganisationen e.V. (DVWO). Upon successful completion of the examination module, our graduates receive the certificate:

DVWO QM certified trainer (BAMIK).

The DVWO was established in 2002 as a representation for the professional interests of continuing education and is an association of continuing education organizations representing over 10,000 members. The members of the DVWO member organizations are predominantly trainers, consultants and coaches, who are working as freelance professionals in the field of continuing education.

Our cooperation with the DVWO guarantees that you will be certified by a neutral, Europe-wide recognized institution of the education industry and that you will be able to implement its demanding quality guidelines in your later trainings.

Pricing & Registration

Full course with 9 modules

Course language


Number of full days (classroom)


Number of online meetings (Zoom)


Total scope (teaching units)


Modules can be attended in any order.

You can start your course at any time.

Independent working on course content on our eCampus in accordance with participant's schedule.



Beverages, snacks and lunch

Course Fee

VAT-free in accordance with Art. 4, 21, a, bb UStG (German VAT Act).

11,000 US$ *


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